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HOPE Workshop Testimonial by Deborah

HOPE is a fantastic resource and program that changed my life.  I was in a place in my life where I had "done" all that I could do on my own, read all the material I could read on my own, attended all the classes I could attend on my own, and sought all the counsel I could . . . but I still came up "stuck". All the resources I utilized up to the point of HOPE were helpful, and the Lord used them to prepare the soil of my heart in a big way.  However, there was a more thorough, deeper work that the Lord was after in my life and healing of my heart—and it was through the HOPE program that I was able to cross over to the other side. 

The HOPE program not only changes the course of one person's life, it has the potential to change generations within a family.  Again, thank you very much for your generosity.  Without your financial assistance, I would not have been able to attend the workshop at a time when I really needed it.  My husband and I intend to sow seeds back into the program by volunteering as facilitators, and when we are in a position to, make a donation for the purpose of helping another person attend through a scholarship.

May God continue to bless and shine His favor on the HOPE Ministry!

HOPE Workshop Testimonial by Jody

Attending a "Hope" seminar changed my life and my relationship with God and others!!

HOPE is so relevant and needed that I wanted others to experience it. Leading groups with the "Hope" materials is my way to share what I have learned with others.

"Hope" DVDs and materials are user- friendly and can adapt to different group sizes and time frames.

Go through "Hope" yourself first, and then do not hesitate to share it with others!

HOPE Workshop Testimonial by Beverly

I have taught and ministered to many people in the area of inner healing and read many books in this field.

"From Hurt to Hope" is the best I have ever read.

It is short, concise, and power-packed.

HOPE Workshop Testimonial by Steve

The HOPE Workshop was/and is life changing for me!  Since the Lord saved me seven years ago after 38 years of not knowing Him, I have developed a strong understanding of my identity in Him, and of the Word.  However, I did not understand what place my emotions played (negative emotions in particular) in my life as a believer; therefore I would wrestle with those negative emotions which would cause me to question my level of faith. I struggled with "sucking it up" as I had been told to do so forcefully as a child, and this pattern continued into my adult life.

The truth I learned in the HOPE Workshop has enabled me to be more honest with the Lord, which has brought a new level of intimacy in my relationship with Him. I am experiencing more of the "abundant life" He promises in John 10:10 because I am pouring out my heart to Him, and bringing everything (including the negative emotions) to the foot of the cross.  I am living much more in the present, and not dwelling on the regrets of the past, or getting worked up about the future.

Thank you for thawing out the frozen places of my heart and soul!

HOPE Workshop Testimonial by Ashley

Did I say the right thing? Did I quote the most comforting Scripture? Was I being a good Christian?

As a brand new nurse at the age of 22 on a bone marrow transplant floor, these were the questions I constantly asked myself. I wanted so desperately to bring comfort to my patients and their families as they dealt with cancer and their emotional roller coaster. However without realizing it, I was losing my health—mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I was putting upon myself a burden that God never wanted me to take on.

I will never forget the day H.O.P.E was introduced to me as I sat at the nurse's station crying my eyes out, not able to make it another step. My dear friend Donna comforted me with a verse from Romans that encourages us to weep with those who weep. She didn't tell me to stop crying and get it together, but allowed me to express my emotions, which was a new and very freeing concept.

Immediately after attending a weekend workshop, I walked onto the bone marrow transplant floor and instead of trying to dodge my patients' families afraid of the emotional burden I would walk away with; I went to them with ease knowing I had the tools to truly help them in their grief process.

I feel this seminar has changed my life, and I am so thankful to share this with the people I love. This seminar teaches life lessons about stuff we "never learned in kindergarten", new concepts that are "light bulb" moments that make so much sense.

It gives us tools to empty our emotional baggage so that we can live the abundant life Jesus promised and be true ambassadors for His Kingdom.

HOPE Workshop Testimonial by Annette

I am so grateful for this opportunity to share how hope was restored in my broken heart through your workshop, book and follow-up. The book was easy to read and helped me to examine my heart. The lectures were personal and gave me insights. I was treated with kindness and compassion.

With the knowledge that I was being prayed for by name before, during and after the workshop, I put my confidence in God to guide me. As a result, I had courage to press in to issues related to my 21-year-old son, who took his life three years ago. My take-away was true joy, hope and more confidence that God cares about me and is really at work in my life. I have more peace in my heart than I ever had about my son.

Thank you to all who were servants of God at Hope Ministries.

HOPE Workshop Testimonial by Stephanie

To start from the beginning. I was at a very dark place in my life. My husband and I had separated about six months or so prior to taking the Hurt to Hope class. My whole world was turned upside down. I started drinking to escape from reality. I was on prescription drugs to help me sleep and anti-depressants to help me cope with everyday life. I had wrecked my car two times in one day with no recollection of what transpired.

All the while raising my three daughters. I had even tried to commit suicide. Worst of all I had attempted to do so in front of my girls on one of the incidents. The following Sunday I went to Lifepoint. I read in the bulletin about the Safe Harbor Groups. Something told me this is really what I needed.

(I know now that it was God talking to me.) I had originally signed up for Journey to Freedom but was actually placed in the Hurt to Hope class.

I met such wonderful people in this group. I am a very shy and introverted person but with each class I felt myself opening up more and more.

Whenever I entered the room I felt this calmness. Sometimes...well most of the time I would leave with a red blotchy face from the same time there was a sense of relief. Our facilitator Lindsay Campbell was just truly inspiring to me. She shared her own personal hurdles that she was dealing with and to me that brought a sense of comfort to the group. Not one of us was perfect. We all had issues. No one judged anyone. Each one of us had issues and we were learning how to deal with them. In one lesson I was paired up with a lady that was basically in the same situation as I was except the roles were reversed. I just knew that this woman was going to hate me. I just knew that she was going to cast some of her bitterness from her spouse onto me. To my surprise we learned a lot from each other and still communicate with each to this day.

This class gave me the tools to dig deep in myself and pull out all the problems and feelings I was trying to escape. I was able to forgive my husband and myself. Though I'm not perfect and I still deal with some issues from my past, I feel that if it wasn't for this class and God I wouldn't be where I am now.

The women I met in this class have broadened my life so much. I started going to church and Sunday School Class on a regular basis. I am currently not on any medicines. I learned that I don't have to bottle everything up. That it's okay to feel angry, sad, happy, and overwhelmed. I know how to deal with it all now. Again not perfect but I feel that I'm getting better at coping with everyday.

Thank you

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