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We have now released our Effective Caregiving video series for FREE on YouTube or you can purchase this DVD to own a physical copy.


We have now released our Effective Caregiving videos for FREE on YouTube or you can purchase this DVD to own a physical copy. (Four sessions, each under 30 minutes in length.)




Are you overwhelmed with your role as a caregiver? Could you use some basic techniques to help relate to your loved one? This session focuses on role reversal, discovering if you are doing “too much” or “not enough” for your loved one; and most importantly, how well you are juggling responsibilities while still taking care of yourself.


How well do you communicate with your care receiver and your other family members? How do everyone’s losses of health, finances, time, and/or relationship affect the quality of that communication? Learn the L-I-V-E strategy to improve your communication patterns.


In this section, Help! Where Are All My Papers? A Practical Guide to Identify and Organize “Must-Know” Information is a reference that provides practical guidelines to help you formulate a plan for your loved one as well as for yourself. The key is for everyone to have all the information accessible when it is needed.


Are you familiar with natural responses and misconceptions about grief? You will learn to identify “helpful/unhelpful” things that are said to grievers. You will also discover healthy ways to comfort those who are grieving as well as practical tools to mend a broken heart.


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